Bridge Locks

How We Can Help You

Call Bridge Locks mobile locksmith if you have lost your vehicle keys. We can make keys and remote keys for most vehicles. We can repair broken keys and extract them from the lock. If your keys have been inadvertently locked in your car and you need it opened give us a call. We are frequently called for assistance by AA and RAC patrols and other recovery services, We give preferential service if a child or animal is locked in – it happens more often than you might think. If a spare key or a surf key is required we can help with that also.

Over the years we have been asked to open many vehicles including a combine harvester and even an aeroplane!

We can visit your home or commercial property and provide a free estimate to upgrade your existing locks to insurance standard. We can replace broken locks or, if possible, we repair them. We can also let you in if you become locked out or make keys to a lock if the original ones are lost.

We can supply and fit access control. Also we fit master suites, where each room has a different key but the master key opens them all, useful for small hotels or staff accommodation.

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